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Hi everybody, in an effort to decrease the spam that’s been showing up here lately, I have added a new anti-spam plugin.   If your account has been caught as spam and gets locked out, send me a message in the IRC chat (see the “Chat in IRC” header button above) with your username on here.

Aug 22

Warhammer 40k Conquest is up on OCTGN !

Hey guys, the plugin is finally online !

Some changes had to be made to the GUIDs so you may have to remake your deck.

Sorry boys, that’s the price to pay to the Chaos God !

FEED URL: http://www.myget.org/F/octgngamedirectory/

The Root Google drive for future Image Pack and Documentation is  here

Quick Guide:

  • Click [Add Game Feed] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN. Name the feed and provide the url listed above.
  • Select the newly added feed, find the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG plugin from the list, and click ‘Install’


More Documentation Soon

Aug 22

There’s Trouble brewing in Tharbad

Originally released at GenCon this year, the Trouble in Tharbad AP is now available at FFG’s Webstore or your FLGS. It’s also now supported on OCTGN. Card text will be revealed in November, with the Image Pack coming in February.

I’ve also added a couple of RSS feeds to the sidebar. Now you’ll be able to see the latest news postings from FFG, as well as keep tabs on the latest episodes of the Cardboard of the Rings and Grey Company podcasts.

Aug 20

v3.0.10 game update — Vortex

Vortex is now available on OCTGN, and the promo set has been updated as well. Image downloads can be found in the usual location.

Note that this set introduces Vortex Evolution creatures, which require 2 creatures to evolve into.  The game scripting can already handle this functionality — simply shift-click the two creatures you wish to evolve and it will automatically place both of them underneath the Vortex creature.

Aug 16

The eight corners between

The Spaces Between has now been rezzed on OCTGN and all card automations are scripted as always. There’s no censored image pack yet but that should be available shortly.

Some details on the tricker automations

  • Targeted Marketing: Manual Use
  • Cerebral Static: Won’t reduce Chaos Theory’s MU.
  • Unscheduled Maintenance: Not Automated
  • Information Overload: Only trace is automated, since the runner chooses what to trash for the subroutines.
  • Scrubbed: Not Automated
  • Energy Regulator: Just Announces
  • Lag Time: Not Automated
  • Encrypted Portals: Doesn’t add markers or anything.


Jul 31

The Three Trials

The latest release now supports The Three Trials AP. The card text will be revealed in November, and the card Images will be released next February.

Here are a couple of pointers to help aid in the setup of this quest: Most of the quest cards have you randomly pick a card from a selection of set-aside cards. This can be easily achieved by right-clicking the table, and going to Random > Number, then entering a value (such as 3). The chat window will show your result, and you can grab the chosen card.

One of the quest cards – Trial of Intuition – instructs you to shuffle a Key Objective into the bottom 10 cards of the Encounter Deck. This can be done by using a new function in the game. After shuffling the discard pile back into the Encounter deck (as instructed by the quest card), right-click the Encounter deck and choose “Move to Secondary…”. Enter 10, and 10 cards will be moved to the Secondary Encounter deck. Now you can shuffle the Key Objective into this deck. Then right-click this deck and choose “Move All to Encounter Deck Bottom” to put those cards on the bottom of the Encounter deck.

This latest update also brings with it a couple of fixes for the Custom sets “First Age”, and “Through the Folds”. The card data and quest decks will automatically be updated next time you boot up OCTGN, but make sure to re-download and re-install the Custom Set Image Pack for all the latest card images!

Jul 30


Commonly Requested Information

This post will continued to be updated as new changes are made to the game file and card images. Look forward to some exciting additions in the near future!

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.


Quick Guide (please read the Installation Document before asking any questions):

  • Click [add feed] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN. Name the feed and provide the url listed above.
  • Select the newly added feed, find the A Game of Thrones plugin from the list, and cllick ‘Install’
  • Download the card image file (.o8c) linked above. Click [add o8c] in the Games Manager tab of OCTGN and add the downloaded file (only after you have installed the game plugin first!)
Jul 29

OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.3.0 Release

A couple of websites changed, so the code to scrape the decks from them were updated. When comparing cards after importing, the plugin no longer crashes if you compare cards more than once. As always, please submit issues or suggestions on the github website. Thanks GeckoTH and janbj for contributing.

v3.3.0 Changes

  • Importing MTG from tappedout.net works again
  • Importing LoTR from cardgamedb.com works again, more accurate with sets and names now
  • Special characters in the names of CoC cards are now ignored when matching
  • Opening the ‘Choose Another Card’ dialog more than once no longer crashes the plugin