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Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

Feb 19

400k anonymized OCTGN stats now available

It’s been a long time since I extracted some stats, so now that the second stimhack league is over, I have finally done another one. This time the number of games is more than 400.000 which is bringing my spreadsheet editor to its knees while preparing it for anonymizing.

You can find the latest export raw data here

I’ve also gone ahead and separated the Second Stimhack league (SHL2) stats as well. This is about 4000 very competitive games for the period of November 2014 – January 2015

Feb 03

Jobby Jobs

Latest update (1.3.5.x) has finally scripted jobs. This means that every time you finish a job shootout (or press F10 as the job leader when nobody has defended), the game will ask you if the job was successful, and it it was, it will actually go ahead and script the results. An ambush will ace the mark. A Coach will give you money if successful or give money to your opponent is unsuccessful etc.

Also, jobs have now been scripted to actually move your posse next to the Mark. This should make it easier to tell who is joininf for your opponent.

Finally your job posse will be sent home booted automatically after a job, even if that is after a shootout.

Feb 01

MTG Game Update 3.2.18 — Planechase/Archenemy Update

The latest MTG game update includes a few bug fixes, and vastly improves the Planes and Schemes to support OCTGN’s custom-sized cards.  A new image pack has been created for the currently available Planes and Schemes, and also includes the 10 promo cards not previously available on OCTGN!  NOTE: Install the Planes and Schemes Update Pack AFTER you install the image packs from the torrent (if you’re installing images for the first time), otherwise the planes will appear rotated.

Feb 01

The Gift of the Ethereals is now available on OCTGN.

Hey Boyz, wat’ya doing ?

News flash : the greater good is now even greater !

Will the online meta change drastically with the arrival of Aun’chi and a tons of great cards for all factions (except maybe Chaos, but hey, they have Ku’gath now ! )

I also made a few changes to the size of planets and tokens so it’s no longer streched.

As always, documentation and censored image pack can be found here

feel free to comment or point me to any problem you have with the plugin.

Cya Boyz !

Feb 01

OCTGN and Chaos

Order and Chaos has been finally rezzed! Apologies for taking longer than usual, but…life happened.

I pushed this without testing extensively in multiplayer scenarios, so a bug or two might have slipped through. Please lemme know if you find any.

I also should have fixed the annoying bug where you lost control of your remote server cards after the runner accessed them.

  • Titan Transnational: Will always put an agenda counter. I don’t see why not and it will speed up play.
  • Constellation Protocol: Manual use
  • Mark Yale, credit for spending Agenda Counter is manual use. When using his ability to spend agenda counters, he gives you automatically 3 credits (2 for ability + 1 for trait)
  • Space Camp: After it’s triggered, double click on any of your cards to add an advancement counter.
  • Wormhole: Manually use the ICE you want after using Wormhole
  • Housekeeping: Just announces to remind the runner. Runner should trash on their own.
  • Satellite Grid: not automated. You’ll have to take care of the relevant effects manually.
  • The Twins, doesn’t check ICE sameness
  • Sub Boost: Double click on the sub boost to end the run
  • Dedicated Technician Team: Manual use. Double click to remove a credit
  • Edward Kim: Manual use but is mandatory, so make sure you do it.
  • Itinerant Protesters: Manual Tracking (for now)
  • Knifed/Spooned/Forked: You can use them to trash ICE if the corp is too slow. Target ICE and Double-Click
  • Eater: Will put marker to remind you, but will not prevent access. Just select 0 cards.
  • Hivemind: Cannot make it host the viruses everywehre, so if you want to spend them for something (e.g. Datasucker), just drag the marker there, or target that ICE and DC Hivemind to transfer the Virus counter.
  • Progenitor has 3 MU of RAM, but don’t host more than 1 proggie.
  • Archives Interface: Manual Use. Do it before accessing
  • Qianju PT: Manual use for starting the effect
  • The dummy Sac. Clone card won’t trash itself when used. Will fix later.
Jan 30

OCTGN Deck Converter Plugin v3.5.0 Release

This version re-enables viewing card pictures with the latest version of OCTGN.

v3.5.0 Changes

  • Viewing card pictures when comparing cards functionality restored.
Jan 26

Romance of the Nine Empires on OCTGN

Romance of the Nine Empires is a card game set based on the CCG shown in the movie Gamers 3

Jan 22

Image Packs released plus a new Cardback!

No new product releases this month (not yet anyway), but the image packs for The Dunland Trap and Nightmare Khazad-dûm are now available. Furthermore, there have been some recent updates to OCTGN that now allow us to have proper cardback images for Encounter Cards! All Enemies, Locations, Treacheries, and Objectives have been given the Encounter cardback image. This change will be most noticeable when adding shadow cards.


Jan 14

MTG Game Update 3.2.17 — Fate Reforged

Fate Reforged is now here! Download the low-res image pack in the downloads section.

This update also includes the Khans of Tarkir Seeded Booster packs. Relive the pre release experience by adding one of these packs to your sealed pools! Please note that the Khans of Tarkir seeded boosters were split into two — Booster and Promo. This was because the promo/foil Rare that you could open was randomly seeded separately from the rest of the pack.

To load a Pre Release sealed pool:
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