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Jul 16

Whispers of the Old Forest

Susurros del Bosque ViejoAs some of you may be aware, there is a brand new Spanish blog for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, called Susurros del Bosque Viejo (Whispers of the Old Forest). If you happen to speak Spanish, then I highly recommend checking it out. Not only do they put out great articles and decklist discussions, but contributing author FlechaNegra (known as mndela on OCTGN) has completed a brand new custom quest entitled Through the Folds.

Furthermore, this quest has been added to the latest LOTR update for OCTGN, so you can play it for yourself right now! To get the English card images, head on over to the Image Pack Dropbox folder and re-download the Custom.o8c file. The new card images have been added to that image pack, so all you need to do is re-install it and you’ll be ready to play.

Jul 13

Doomtown is Reloaded in OCTGN

LogoAfter many months of eagerly waiting, finally all but three of the cards of core set of Doomtown:Reloaded have been spoiled for a while now, and with Gencon only one month away, I think it’s about time DTR becomes available for online play.

To that end, I’ve published the first version of the game definition for OCTGN. I’m also repurposing this page for Doomtown:Reloaded since it’s pretty much the same game anyway. The sets and installation instructions pages will include details on both DTR and Classic Doomtown.

Once you’ve installed the game and installed the image pack, you’ll want to host a game in the main OCTGN lobby to find some players. Initially available opponents might be few, as people still discover there’s the version available, so you might want to arrange a game via the Facebook group or some friends of yours.

Once you are in the game, you may be tempted to start manually dragging cards around. Don’t! The game has been built with a significant amount of scripts and automations to ease up tedium, speed up play and avoid mistakes. I’m going to recird and post a proper use tutorial at some point, but until then, here’s some basic instructions.

  • First Go to Game > Load Deck (Ctrl+L) and load one of your decks (or use the included starters/intermediates in the “Doomtown-Reloaded” folder)
  • Once the cards are in your hand, wait until every player has loaded a deck, then right click anywhere on the table to get the context menu, then go to Game > Setup Starting cards (or just press Ctrl+Shift+S) to setup you side. This will place the cards on your side of the table. The game can seamlessly handle up to 4 players at the same time. Just remember to hit Setup after they all loaded a deck (game will warn you about it).
  • Remember the table context menu (right click on any spot on the table). This will provide most of everything you need to do in the course of the game.
  • Ctrl+Enter cycles through phases. Gamblin’ > Upkeep > High Noon > Sundown > Gamblin’ etc
  • When in Gamblin, press Ctrl+Q to quickly ante up and reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. Whoever is the winner can press Ctrl+W to pick up the pot and get the “Winner” marker on their home.
  • When in Upkeep, press Ctrl+U to have the game auto-calculate your production – upkeep for the turn. Discard any dudes you don’t want to pay for before you do so.
  • table contextMost things can be done via Double-Click.
    • Double-Click a card in your hand to play it. This will pay any costs. If the card is a goods or spell, target one of your dudes first (see below).
    • If the card you play requires a target (such as a job, or most shootout actions), select a target  by Shift-Clicking on the card. Shift-Click again to clear it.
    • Double-Click on a card on the table to take a Smart Action. The smart action will do something depending on the state of the game and what you’ve got targeted
      • When you’re clicking one of your dudes and you’ve got someone targeted: Call Out target dude
      • When you’ve been called out: Accept call out
      • On a dude while a shootout is ongoing: Join shootout
      • On a Spell: Cast Spell
      • Any other case: Boo/Unboot card.
  • In High Noon: To move around the table, you can just drag the cards around. The game doesn’t keep track of location or influence totals though, so if you take control of a location, Right-Click on it and select “take control”. Remember that only locations you own and control will give you production, so double check you control all your deeds before you go to upkeep.
  • To trade goods, target the dude you want to trade TO and then right click the dude that is GIVING the goods and select “trade goods”
  • If you want to manually start a shootout, press F10. Press F10 again to end it.
  • In Shootouts:
    • After the shootout actions phase, Right-Click on your deck and select “Draw Cards to Draw hand”. Select 5 + you current stud bonus.
    • Right-Click on your draw hand and select “Look at > all cards”
    • To perform a redraw, target a  number of your cards equal to your draw bonus and then Double-Click one of them. This will discard all targeted cards and redraw the same amount. If you’ve got any Auto-Revolvers at this point, manually drag a card from the top of your deck in your hand)
    • To discard unwanted cards, just Double-Click them.
    • On your draw hand is ready, close this window and Double-Click you draw hand. The game will reveal the cards and announce your draw hand rank.
    • Play/Activate any Resolution abilities or Reacts and then take casualties (see below)
  • To discard a card, mouse over it and press Del (You can also drag select multiple cards. This works in your hand as well)
  • To ace a card, mouse over it and press Ctrl+A (this works in your hand as well)
  • In Sundown, discard up to one card (or more if you have special allowance like lady luck) and then press Ctrl+S to refill your hand to your maximum (remember to take control of the 1st baptist Church) and unboot all your cards.

Finally, almost all cards are scripted in some way. Actions generally tend to do something when they come into play, so you’ll see it as long as you played them automatically by double-clicking them. Cards on the table need a special activation though. To use the ability of a card on the table, simply right-click it and select “Use Card Ability” (or press Ctrl+Z). If the card requires a target or it’s not scripted it will let you know, otherwise it will fire.

Most scripts work intuitively. Just get in the habit of targeting appropriate cards before you use abilities and you should be fine 95% of the time. For example, to play Pistol Whip properly, target your participating Dude and an Opposing participating dude (they should have a blue or red highlight to be considered participating) and play the card. To use Micah Ryse’ ability, target one of his spells (if he has more then one, otherwise the game will autoselect it) and the location you want him to move, then press Ctrl+Z on him. Easy Peasy.

If you do a mistake, don’t panic. You can easily manually reverse any action, and the chat box records everything happening, so you can see where it went wrong. The game also contains some meta-functions to further help

  • To recalculate your influence and control totals, press Ctrl+C
  • To Inspect a card, press Ctrl+I.
  • To see the hand ranks Right-Click on the table and “Show Hand Rank Guide”
  • To manually add a marker on a card, go to the table context menu > Markers… You’ll find a big collection there.

And that is the basic controls. It may seem like a lot of things to memorize but once you played a couple of times, you won’t even think of it anymore. I plan in the future to also publish a shortcuts cheat-sheet to have easily open.

Have fun!


Jul 10

M15 Prerelease Seeded Pack Contents

As many of you may be aware, OCTGN’s sealed deck builder utilizes the seeded booster packs found in pre-release boxes.  In order to provide the most accurate booster packs, I have to collect the contents of the packs from first-hand reports during the pre-release events.  This is not an easy task, as there are 40 different packs and they are all randomly-distributed across the boxes.

Where can you come in? I HIGHLY encourage everybody to attend a pre-release event at their local game store.  Not only will you be supporting your local business and this great game we play, but you can also assist me in compiling the seeded booster lists.  When you open your packs, I ask that you record the contents (and order) of all of the cards inside the seeded booster (the one in the clear packaging, with the promo in it).  Writing them down will suffice, but a photograph will be even better.  If you can get lists from other players at the event as well, that would be FANTASTIC!

To submit your lists, follow the Reddit or MTGSalvation links found in the document here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Apln2HM4aSGbdDJ6MFk5cTBjb09sXzFWdndhTkx2V1E#gid=6.  If you’re not a user of any of those sites, you can also submit them in the comments section here.

I appreciate the help!

Jul 02


I have pushed out a minor release to fix an issue with the Assault on the Pinnacle scenario. The fix ensures the loot stored under the scenario card is put onto the table when you win the scenario.

There is a bug in OCTGN that is causing some problems in the scenario Scaling Mahr Massif. Until the issue is fixed in the OCTGN code you will need to ensure that the player who loaded in the box is the player who closes the locations during this scenario. If another player closes a location then OCTGN thinks all locations are closed and ends the scenario prematurely.

Jul 01

The Dunland Trap

The Dunland Trap has now been released! This update includes the censored cards and the quest MEC26-box-right
decks needed to play. As always, you can keep your eye on the Release Schedule to see when Image Packs will become available.

Coming up next will be the Nightmare Khazad-dum scenarios, which Fantasy Flight has recently made available on Print-on-Demand.

Jun 27

Spires of Xin-Shalast

Expansion 6 brings the Rise of the Runelords Adventure path to a climactic conclusion.

The new release includes stubs for all the new cards and some extra code to cope with special set up requirements. This is automatically handled for you when you pick a scenario. Don’t forget to load the Rise-of-the-Runelords-6.o8d box file along with your saved campaign box.

The Leng Device location is automatically created with 12 “timer” tokens on it. At the end of any turn where a player ends at this location, manually roll a d4 and then drag timer counters off the card and onto the table (where they will disappear).