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IMPORTANT: New Anti-Spam Measures


Hi everybody, in an effort to decrease the spam that’s been showing up here lately, I have added a new anti-spam plugin.   If your account has been caught as spam and gets locked out, send me a message in the IRC chat (see the “Chat in IRC” header button above) with your username on here.

Sep 16

3.2.15 Khans of Tarkir Update

The 3.2.15 update adds Khans of Tarkir as well as the Challenge Decks and Hero cards from Theros block.  A more detailed changelog can be seen when you load up the game in OCTGN.

The image downloads page has been updated with low-res Khans of Tarkir, as well as hi-res Modern Event Deck and Jace vs Vraska.

Sep 13

First Contact incoming

The latest set for ANR is now rezzed and available on OCTGN. Restart your clients to receive the latest updates.

All cards have been automated, but keep in mind the following:

  • IQ: Rez Cost is tracked but not STR. Track that manually.
  • Port Anson Grid: Not automated. Don’t jack out.
  • The News Now Hour: Not automated. Don’t play currents.
  • Manhunt: Manual Use
  • Wendigo: Not Automated. Track manually.
  • Order of Sol: Manual Use.
  • Hades Shard: Shards can be installed manually when you’re about to access. Simply drag them to the table and they’ll skip their cost, and set the run to succeed, bypassing all costs. Warning this will bypass all corp acknowledgement, so make sure you use it after the corp has given the OK to access.
  • Rachel Beckman: Won’t trash automatically when tagged.


Sep 12

Dwarrowdelf Nightmare Quests

The first 3 Nightmare Quests from the Dwarrowdelf cycle are now available! These include The Redhorn Gate, Road to Rivendell, and The Watcher in the Water. Uncensored card text will be revealed in December, with the Image Pack to come next March. Speaking of Image Packs, the Voice of Isengard Image Pack is now available. Head on over to the Image Pack Dropbox to download it!

Sep 02

Alternate Art Cards

With the release of the Alternate Art Aragorn at GenCon a few weeks ago, I’ve been very curious as to what other cards might get this treatment in the future. But knowing that we would be waiting a long time to get our hands on such cards, I decided to go ahead and create my own. I then put them into an Image Pack for any of you who would like to use them on OCTGN yourself! Included are the official Aragorn card, and a custom Boromir (tactics), Eowyn, and Frodo.

This Image Pack can be found in the English folder of the Dropbox, or downloaded right here.
This file will be updated with more cards as they are created.

Boromir-Sample Eowyn-Sample Frodo-Sample

Sep 02

v1.10.0.0 Game Update – Mage Wars

This month goodies include the Gencon promos, a Spellbook importer, OP Kit 6 Promo’s, we have re-worked a section of code for casting spells and now calculate Magebind costs! See the changelog for full details. As always please let us know if you have any issues, find card data that is incorrect, or want to suggest future improvements or features.


Your friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team!

Aug 31

Game Update v2.4.11.0

This latest update of the LotR game module includes a couple of changes that I would like to draw your attention to. A lot of work has gone into changing how the game handles the 1st Player Token as well as how the game automates the Refresh Phase and Next Round functions. This addresses a couple of issues I’ve seen with the game:

First of all, on rare occasions the first player token would get out of sync with the players when moving to a new round. This has been fixed, and players are now free to use Ctrl+N in any order they want. (The current first player no longer needs to be the last one to use it.)

Secondly, the 1st Player Token now correctly passes to the next player during the Refresh Phase instead of at the start of the next round, as shown in the rules. This has become more important with the introduction of the Time keyword in the latest quests because sometimes there is an effect that triggers at the end of the round which targets the first player. This effect should technically be targeting the “new” first player, and now that the token passes at the proper time, it should be much easier to remember this.

Players can still use Ctrl+R for the Refresh Phase and Ctrl+N for next round, much as they have before. However, there are some changes that you should be aware of:
When a player uses Ctrl+N, his Hero cards will be highlighted in grey. This indicates that that player is done and ready to move onto the next round (using this command only affects the highlight color of your own cards — nobody else’s cards will be highlighted until they use the command themselves). Once all players have used Ctrl+N, the game will automate the next round and all the grey highlights will be removed.

If you would like to move into the Refresh Phase instead of jumping straight ahead into the next round, use Ctrl+R. Doing this will NOT immediately refresh your cards like it did before. Instead, your hero cards will be highlighted in orange to indicate to everyone that you are ready for the Refresh Phase. Simply wait for the rest of the players to use Ctrl+R or Ctrl+N themselves. (Note: it is perfectly fine for some players to use Ctrl+R and others to use Ctrl+N.) Once every player has used one of the commands, everyone’s cards will refresh and the 1st Player Token will be passed. Players who previously used Ctrl+N will still have a grey highlight at this time since they’ve already told the game that they are ready for the next round — they do not need to hit Ctrl+N a second time. Once you’ve taken any refresh actions and dealt with any end of round effects, anyone who is not highlighted in grey can now use Ctrl+N, and the next round will begin!

And finally, if for whatever reason you need to adjust the number of rounds on the 1st Player Token, the current first player can click over to the Global tab and modify the Round Counter there (with the clock icon). Furthermore, if you ever wanted to manually pass the 1st Player Token to another player, that player simply needs to right-click -> Take control of the Token. The game will recognize this and correctly pass the Token to the next player on the following round.

As always, be sure to let us know if you encounter any bugs, and I hope you enjoy the latest update!

Aug 23

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Set Changes

  • Promos added - Should now contain all Promos released as of August 2014
  • Rock and Rave Added - Prepare to unleash your Bass Cannons!
  • Celestial Solstice Added - To the Moon!

Gameplay Changes

  • Mark Card as Pumped (F8) - Now automatically pushes the Pump card to go behind other cards.
  • Inspired trigger will no longer count Inspired keywords on cards that are on the table but not in play (such as Inspired cards being used as Pumps).