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IMPORTANT: New Anti-Spam Measures


Hi everybody, in an effort to decrease the spam that’s been showing up here lately, I have added a new anti-spam plugin.   If your account has been caught as spam and gets locked out, send me a message in the IRC chat (see the “Chat in IRC” header button above) with your username on here.

Dec 16

Some Quality of Life

The latest version brings with it a hefty amount of improvements and bugfixes that should make playing Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN a big easier and less mistake-prone

  • Cheatin’ Draw Hands will now have a little icon to make it more obvious, without having to look in the chat.
  • Upkeep will now prompt you to discard dudes you cannot pay
  • Upkeep will now prompt you if you want to pay dudes with >3 upkeep
  • Game will now remind you to pay your upkeep if you try to take a high-noon action.
  • Game will not block continuing to High Noon if other players have not done their upkeep yet.
  • Once all players do upkeep, game will automatically move to High Noon
  • Scripted the Telepathy Helmet
  • Added “I’m Ready” announcement (Ctrl+R)
  • Unprepared will now boot spells
  • Mendoza and Irving will now lose/gain GR when they call out.
  • Scripted Plasma Drill and the other SB1 scripts

Particularly the extra cheating visual notication should cut down on the amount of times you have to ask your opponent if they were cheating in lowball. And the extra checks for upkeep will make sure you never mistakenly forget to discard that Steven Wiles.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any more feature suggestions.

Dec 13

Guide on how to play Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN

mplain, one of the most prolific players online, went ahead and created this very useful guide on the basics of playing  Doomtown:Reloaded on OCTGN. Pretty good as far as I can see and will definitelly help you get used to the engine faster.

If you find any areas in gameplay that can be improved, (or any bugs), don’t forget that you can directly send them to me and I’ll try to implement them.

Dec 04

The Unaligned

Hi guys, again sorry for long time without any news or comments, still busy here.

I include new expansion Unaligned finally, also added few new corrections and Mythic vampires from The Return Storyline.

Fan sets also is updated with new Champions of Cagn unofficial expansion.

Hope everyone enjoy this release and contact me if found some bug.

Dec 03

Tempest Rising and some new features!

Hello all!

The third adventure deck of the Skull and Shackles adventure path has been added, and there are some really fun (and really annoying to code) scenarios in this one! Find tons of plunder in The Brine Banshee’s Grave, or earn your place as a true pirate captain by winning The Free Captains’ Regatta!

We’ve also added a few new features to the game, chief among which is the handling of scenario loot when you win a scenario. From now on, when the scenario rewards include Loot cards, these cards will be automatically dropped onto the table after the scenario (provided you fulfilled the win conditions of the scenario, of course!)

Finally, we’ve added several of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Organized Play scenarios to the game, and though you cannot use these in actual Organized Play (online play is NOT sanctioned at this time), they’re still very fun scenarios with a host of special scenario rules, and I highly recommend you check them out! To get access to the scenario text for these, you’ll need to buy a PDF of the scenarios from paizo.com. Here are some handy links: Adventure Card Guild Adventure 1: Lost at Sea, Adventure Card Guild Adventure 2: A Pirate’s Life

Let us know if you find any bugs by posting here, and enjoy the new adventures awaiting your crew!

Nov 24

Celebrimbor’s Secret

The race to the forge is on! This latest update adds support and the censored cards for Celebrimbor’s Secret — the 5th Adventure Pack in the Ring-maker cycle. Card text will be revealed in February, with the Image Pack to come in May of 2015. This release also brings the card text for The Three Trials and the Trouble in Tharbad AP’s.

Nov 07

OCTGN that remains

EkomindAll That Remains has been rezzed in OCTGN. I wasn’t planning to finishing it this week (due to lack of time) but I realized I broke all MU calculations when I tried to save some of my code online so I needed to urgently push it out as a fix.

I hope y’all appreciate how much I love ya ;)

Anyway, all should be working fine now, with MU tracking getting a significant boost in consistency. Runner MU will automatically refresh every time a card changes groups (e.g. grip to table, heap to grip etc) which will allow cards like Ekomind to work properly.

This should have the fortunate side-effect that all MUs should be far more accurate and the game will remind the player to trash programs even when they’re not installing one currently (e.g. Bad Times)

I will prolly use infrastructure to track link in the future as well.

Here’s the tricker stuff for this expansion:

  • Hostile Infrastructure: Manual Use
  • Executive Boot Camp: TurnStart Rez is manual use
  • Lycan: Not scripted. Track manually.
  • Snatch and Grab: Trace effects not automated, only announces.
  • Lela Patel: Manual Use
  • Zona Sul Shipping: doesn’t trash automatically on tag