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Due to frequent issues with long downtimes we will be moving hosting services at some point in the future.  I highly encourage both users and game developers to use the shorter URLs when linking (externally and internally) to pages in this blog, to prevent broken links when the migration occurs.  To do this, change “” to “” in the URL.

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Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

Jan 26

Romance of the Nine Empires on OCTGN

Romance of the Nine Empires is a card game set based on the CCG shown in the movie Gamers 3

Jan 22

Image Packs released plus a new Cardback!

No new product releases this month (not yet anyway), but the image packs for The Dunland Trap and Nightmare Khazad-dûm are now available. Furthermore, there have been some recent updates to OCTGN that now allow us to have proper cardback images for Encounter Cards! All Enemies, Locations, Treacheries, and Objectives have been given the Encounter cardback image. This change will be most noticeable when adding shadow cards.


Jan 14

MTG Game Update 3.2.17 — Fate Reforged

Fate Reforged is now here! Download the low-res image pack in the downloads section.

This update also includes the Khans of Tarkir Seeded Booster packs. Relive the pre release experience by adding one of these packs to your sealed pools! Please note that the Khans of Tarkir seeded boosters were split into two — Booster and Promo. This was because the promo/foil Rare that you could open was randomly seeded separately from the rest of the pack.

To load a Pre Release sealed pool:
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Jan 13

Errata and Typos

New version has been uploaded which includes all the important Errata as well as fixing a lot of typos. It also updates the mission deck to the last available and more balanced version.

Thanks to the good work from Argali from the spycraft subreddit (which you should visit ASAP)

Finally the image pack has been updated with the custom-made errata of cards, so that you don’t have to keep track manually. They’re not perfect but they should get the job done. Just re-download and reinstall in your OCTGN.

Jan 13

v1.11.2.0 – Minor fixes

Sorry for yet another point release. I left a bit of debug code in yesterday…

  • Fixed – One Player generating a Random Number during the Upkeep Phase
  • Fixed – Two pages of the Complex Codex v2 are missing

Unless I have introduced some other bug we should be stable and this hopefully will be the last update.

Jan 12

v1.11.1.0 – Upkeep bug fixes

This release should resolve the following issues:

  • Hidden Enchantments with Upkeep prompting for payment
  • Psi-Orb has been automated
  • Cards being discarded for not having enough mana to pay for Upkeep when you have mana to pay

Note: With the release yesterday v2 of the Complete Codex can be found under game documents.

Jan 11

v1.11.0.0 for Mage Wars has been released!

Hope you guys enjoy the first release of the New Year! Sadly this is the last release with lettucemode providing is help with the coding on the module. The good news is ACG has stepped up, and in a big way, to help enhance the module going forward.

His first touch and what a big one it is: Card attachments! You can drag and drop the card you wish to attach on to the target card and we will handle it from there! Now not much has been done on rules enforcement, but give him a bit of time and lets see what we can do!

Upkeep is now automated and will ask you to pay for your Upkeep during the Upkeep phase. Many bugs have been fixed, please look at the Changelog under Game Documents for more details.

What’s next? Well, we are moving to a quarterly release schedule for most updates. Hopefully Domination will be out by April and we can include that in the next release. Automation of Attachments will be fantastic as well as Attacks getting a major automation boost.

Thanks for you little ole Mage Wars Dev team! Have a Happy New Years!

Jan 06

The Scourge is now available on OCTGN !

Right Boyz Happy new year !

And this years starts terrific with the new pack just released in your stores and your favorite online plugin ;)

Gonna have some fun with this nurgle thing ? Or may be now iz a good tim’ for orks ta mad’ a kombak !

Whatever you choose to play, remember it’s better with real cards when you can ;)

As always, documentation and censored image pack can be found here

feel free to comment or point me to any problem you have with the plugin.

Cya Boyz !

Jan 01

Double Dealin’ on OCTGN

02-doomtown-double_zqekuhI have a new year’s gift fer all you dudes our there. The new expansion has finally arrived into town. Double Dealin’ is available to play with online on OCTGN. Simply restart your client to get it. Almost all cards are scripted as you’ve come to expect ;)

Further to this, I’ve also added the censored image packs for New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin to the sets page, if that’s what you’d like to use.