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IMPORTANT: New Anti-Spam Measures


Hi everybody, in an effort to decrease the spam that’s been showing up here lately, I have added a new anti-spam plugin.   If your account has been caught as spam and gets locked out, send me a message in the IRC chat (see the “Chat in IRC” header button above) with your username on here.

Apr 20

Short reconnects should not break the game anymore

I’ve now added code that should be able to handle OCTGN disconnecting and reconnecting gracefully. This means that if you get dropped and reconnect immediately, you should be able to continue where you left off without issues. You should also be able to play cards and drag them around without issues etc.

If for some reason it fails, you can manually trigger a fix of the reconnect by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Q.

Apr 19

Request for Assistance/Handover

Hey people. It’s becoming apparent to me that I just don’t have the time and the motivation to maintain the level of automation in this game that I was doing until now. Star Wars has extremely complex interactions between cards and their complexity keeps increasing with each expansion. Not only am I busy with other projects but I find that I’m just not playing any SW any more either, and as such my main motivation (scratching my own itch) does not really exist.

Is anyone interested in taking over maintenance of this game in OCTGN? Until someone steps up, I can keep adding the new sets without automation (and maybe add some very basic automations for the simpler cards) but I won’t try to script complex and new cards like Mara Jade for example.

If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can help you setup. The current code is all open sourced and available to github. If you are any good with python, you can easily pick up where I left it and if you remain in github, I can assist with patches and bugfixes if I feel like it.

I can also provide you with access to this blog to continue the updates.

As an aside, I’ve added some basic automation to Heroes and Legends and Lure of the Dark Side so at least known cards like Twist of Fate or easy ones, like the lighsabers, work.

Apr 04

Mage Wars v1.5.0 is ready for play

Once again lettucemode has done some amazing work this month! We both have working hard to get this release out the door, hopefully with no issues this time! What’s new? Improved? Fixed?

Note: We are waiting on a fix on the OCTGN side to resolve issues surrounding resetting the game, loading multiple decks, etc. We are hoping to see this work completed in April in time for our May release.

Spellbook Builder:

  • Export your spellbook into the Mage Wars Spellbook Builder Format (sbb)
  • Spell Level card count are now enforced i.e. 6 cards max for Level 1 and 4 cards max on Level 2 and up
  • You can get the latest version of the Spellbook Builder and along with the instructions on installing it here

The Game:

  • The Board has been resized and you can now get more cards into a zone. The down side is the cards are smaller on the board, but you can read them fully when you hover over the card. Let us know what you think about it…
  • More Multiplayer work: Player Color now determines where your cards are placed face down on the table when you are play them from your Spellbook. Red – Top Left, Blue – Bottom Right, Green – Lower Left, and Yellow – Upper Right
  • More work on improving how cards are handled. When you flip a card over to cast a spell you are now prompted to pay the spell cost automatically. Enchantments still prompt for reveal.
  • Casting Discounts from Rings and other Equipment should work now, note that spells with a cost of X is set to 0. You will have to manually adjust cost of the Casting Discount.
  • A pile has been created for cards that have been Obliterated, you can right click on the card and select Obliterate or use the “End” key as a shortcut
  • Ready Markers are automatically added cards that utilize them
  • Ready Marker II has been created and is placed automatically on cards that need it like Sir Corazin with his 2X Defense, its shortcut is Atl+Ctrl+R
  • In the Chat log the Round Number is noted during the Ready Stage
  • When the attack dice are rolled, it is noted in the chat log what source was utilized – Random.org or the randomizer from Python
  • Spell Level card count are now enforced i.e. 6 cards max for Level 1 and 4 cards max on Level 2 and up
  • You will find mist, load, and egg tokens in the Misc. Tokens screen now
  • Updated the Help file for the Spellbook builder Dll you also will find a link for it in game
  • Continued to clean up card data

Image Pack:

  • Four new Promo’s from OPKit 4: Updated o8c file is here, the MW-NewCards.08c file has the new cards only.

What’s next?

  • Change Player Color for Card Placement to a Player Number (hopefully)
  • More New Promo Cards (hopefully)
  • More spell casting improvements
  • Clean up on SBB output
  • Finish up automating Game Start (automatically roll dice for initiative)
  • Fix Game Resets (to fix the fix for Spectating)

Ideas and requests are always welcome…….if you have an issue or bug please report it to us and we will try to get it fixed

Thanks! The Mage Wars on OCTGN team

Apr 03

Another nightmare

The latest release rolls out the card text for the first 3 Shadows of Mirkwood Nightmare mode scenarios. As if that wasn’t enough, you also get card stubs for the new Hobbit – Over Hill and Under Hill nightmare scenarios.

Finally, mndela has kindly updated some of the Spanish o8c files. There are updates to the custom scenarios and better card scans for the Shadows of Mirkwood.

Apr 02

210k Data Set updated

Ooops! Just noticed an error in the way I anonymized the data set caused some rows to break, ending with game names in the wrong place etc. Fixed it now and you can find it on the same place.

Mar 30

Draft IDs have now been added

The Masque The ShadowThe two draft IDs have now been added to OCTGN and they can be found under the Promos set to be used for deckbuilding. You will have to create your drafted decks externally to OCTGN however but once you do, you can build them in OCTGN or in another online editor and simply swap out the relevant IDs.