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Oct 11

My Little Pony CCG: Patch Notes

Patch Notes

Set Changes

  • Missing Luna/Rarity Manes Added – Princess Luna – The Party’s Over (cn4) and Rarity – Mover and Shaker (cn8) are now correctly added.

Card Template Changes

  • Template Images at Least 20% Cooler – Massive change to the generation of automatic template images for cards. Abion47 undertook an incredible effort to hand-make templates for use in Magic Set Editor, and was so awesome that he shared his assets with us. His MSE plug-in also features the ability to export homemade sets into OCTGN format, allowing easy playtesting of any homebrew creations. Many thanks to his great talent and effort!

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Oct 09

Raiders of the Fever Sea

The new release offers full support for the 2nd adventure for Skull and Shackles.

As well as giving access to the 5 new scenarios, we’ve updated the code to support the favoured card types for Seltyiel and Ranzak

If you create a custom character you can now specify multiple favoured card types and the game will prompt you to choose one of them and ensure a card of that type is in your opening hand.

Oct 08

Blue Sun Rising!

The Blue Sun division

Another month, another ANR expansion is rezzed and available on OCTGN. Inject gave me a bit of trouble but nothing I can’t handle ;)

Here’s what you should know…

  • Labyrinthine Server: Just Announces
  • Blue Sun: Will not consider cards which increase rez costs
  • Changeling: Not scripted. Track manually
  • Hades Fragment: Manual Use
  • Astrolabe: Manual Use

Also did a number of bug-fixes that were reported lately

  • SoT on LARLA should now trash before LARLA resolves
  • Woman in the red dress will now announce when the corp has finished looking at the card and left it in R&D.
  • Data Dealer should now exile Shi.Kyu, but can also target Corp cards due to this. Don’t!
  • Social Engineering will now only get money from the target ICE
  • Mutated ICE can now use Subroutines
  • LARLA shouldn’t clear runner currents anymore
  • Port Anson Grid and Kitsune should now work (nobody played them until now?)

So yeah, enjoy your Blue Sun shenanigans!


Oct 04

The Road Darkens

The long-awaited saga expansion The Road Darkens is finally upon us! You can now continue your campaign from The Black Riders, assisting Frodo in his journey through the second volume of the Fellowship of the Ring. This release contains the censored cards and FOUR versions of each of the three quests: Normal, Campaign Mode, Easy, and Easy Campaign Mode. The image pack will be released in April 2015. A note about the Campaign Quest decks:

In the folder: “DecksLord the Rings – The Card GameQuests”, you’ll see the Campaign decks at the top of the list. I have renumbered these decks for simplicity (i.e.: the Black Riders quests are now simply 1, 2, and 3). However, you’ll notice that the old numbered Black Riders quests still remain (34, 35, and 36). That’s because OCTGN doesn’t delete files when updating (this is to ensure your own customized decks are kept safe). So, in order to keep your deck folder looking clean, feel free to delete the following Decks:


And speaking of Campaign Mode, I’m sure many of you are already aware of the Campaign.o8d deck that resides in the DecksLord of the Rings – The Card Game folder. Be sure to make a copy of that deck somewhere for your own Campaign so it doesn’t get overwritten in future updates. This deck is a great way to store your current “Campaign Pool”, keeping track of Boons & Burdens you’ve earned. Simply edit this deck each time you complete a Campaign Quest, and load it back up next time you Continue your campaign!

And finally, the Image Packs for the Nightmare versions of The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill and the final 3 Quests from the Shadows of Mirkwood Cycle are now available! Head on over to the Image Pack page to download them.

Oct 01

Update – Added Promo cards, fixed small issues

We are updating today with a few minor fixes, as well as adding the S&S promo cards to the game.
-Fixed an error which was requiring Ships to play Rise of the Runelords scenarios.
-Added Ranzak and Promo decks under the SaS decks folder (Note: Ranzak doesn’t actually have a suggested deck list, so I created one that I thought was appropriate. Feel free to change cards out for other Basic cards).
-Added Ranzak to the Iconics.o8c image package. Please re-download and install that package to make use of Ranzak.

Sep 29

Bugfixes incoming

I pushed forward a whole bunch of updates and bugfixes for existing cards

  • Fixed Flush and Pairs checking
  • Fixed This is a Hold up
  • Law Dogs home will now boot your targeted dudes, but it will only put a bounty on opposing dudes. (To use it to put bounty on your own dudes, do it manually)
  • Cheatin’ Varmint will announce.
  • General Store will work for spells as well now.
  • Micah’s ability should work now.
  • Remy’s ability should cost GR now.
  • Pharmacy should work now.

Things should be a bit smoother now.

Sep 29

Skull and Shackles – Release

Shiver me timbers, the new release supports Skull and Shackles.

There were a lot of changes to the game code to support the new adventure path and you’ll need to read the updated user guide to find out how to load and save your new Fleet deck.

One thing you’ll notice straight away is that we have moved all the Rise of the Runelords decks into a RotR subfolder and all of the Skull and Shackles decks into a SaS subfolder. This should make it easier to keep track of the various deck files you need to load into your box at the start of a game. In order to keep things tidy it is best to manually delete all the old Rise of the Runelord decks from your OCTGN/Decks/Pathfinder folder as these are now stored in the new OCTGN/Decks/Pathfinder/RotR folder. You’ll only need to do this once because OCTGN doesn’t automate this for you but make sure you don’t delete any of your saved character decks or your saved campaign box decks.

Another big change was the removal of the images for the character iconics from the base game. With the addition of the new iconics from SaS the game file became too large. The iconics are now packaged up into an OCTGN image pack. Details on downloading and installing the image pack are in the user guide. If you see a generic silhouette avatar for the new characters when playing the game it means you haven’t successfully installed the image pack.

Sep 28

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game on OCTGN

This site is the home of the Pathfinder ACG implementation on OCTGN. You will need to own the original game and either have your cards to hand or scan them in to play online.

Enter a world of adventure with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, a cooperative game for 1 to 6 players. Each player has a unique character composed of a deck of cards and a set of stats.

Here you will find installation instructions, a user guide and a scanning guide.
The current release supports both Rise of the Runelords and Skulls and Shackles.