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Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

Apr 19

Update for final set + promos

A game update was pushed out which adds the final set, Thrash of the Hybrid Megacreatures, as well as a few previously-unavailable promo cards.  The image pack download was updated to include the entire Duel Masters TCG (English) release.

On semi-related news, OCTGN user naveed92 will be spearheading the upcoming release of the Duel Masters OCG game plugin.  This is the Japanese version of the game, which has significantly more expansions available than the English counterpart (discontinued early in its lifespan).  Keep an eye out for more info!

Apr 13

Draw Their Fire + Objective, Balance Token, & Button Fixes

Draw Their Fire has been added. Also, thanks to killerangel1863 for adding a fix for the annoying problems with the objectives, balance token, and buttons.

Apr 07

Faith & Fear in OCTGN

04-doomtown__faith_and_fear_cover_by_shiprock-d8on6rbThe first Pine Box has arrived in Town and is now available for online play in OCTGN! As always, almost cards have been scripted with some trickier ones below.

  • Swinford Finds Trouble: Manual Use
  • Under the Weather: Just makes a pull
  • Outlaw Mask: Track Manually
  • Chuan Qi: Add permanent bullets and influence with Ctrl+Alt+I (or B)
  • Valeria Batten: Game can’t figure out she’s a Mad Scientist, you may have to do the pull manually.
  • Gadgetorium: Only Announces

Not only that, but the game now includes the preconstructed decks from the insert for you to play with and tweak.

Also, the Core Set has now been uncensored and you can download it from the sets page.


Apr 06

In the OCTGN Valley

The first data pack of the new cycle is now available. The Valley is rezzed!

As always almost everything is automated, including the new Jinteki hidden ID. Simply double click it before your first turn to select it and double click it again to flip and use it.

  • Clot: Not scripted but will remind the corp
  • Paige Piper: Manual use after you install a card
  • Adjusted Chronotype: Manual use
  • Enhanced Vision: Will show only the title of the card
  • Jinteki Bioteck: You will have to choose your department at the start of your first turn (You can also double click to do it before F1)
  • Negotiator: Break with Credits manually.

Also an extra change: The Autoscripter has been switched to manual use to avoid automatically working when installing from heap or stack.


Apr 06

The Threat Beyond is now available on OCTGN

Hey hey hey boyz !
The Lord Inquisitor is coming, to kick some heretics ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s all out of gum.

As usual you can find the updated image pack on my drive

Also it’s been 6 month since the game is out, so you can now find on this same drive the uncensored image pack of the coreset.

Enjoy boyz and see you soon for the lasts warlords (but definitely not least)

Apr 05

The Lost Realm has been unleashed!

The Lost Realm is finally here! Join forces with the Rangers of the North to help fight against the forces of Angmar. This release includes the censored cards for the whole expansion, as well as normal and easy-mode versions of each of the 3 quests. The Image Pack is slated to drop in October later this year.

This deluxe expansion introduces a new card type: Side Quests. These Side Quests come in two flavors: Encounter Side Quests and Player Side Quests. Encounter Side Quests are already built into the Encounter Deck when you load the deck. Player Side Quests can now be added to your own deck in the Deckbuilder, and even have their own section to be placed in.

Note: There is currently a bug that you may notice when a Side Quest is dealt as a shadow card. The image of the facedown shadow card will be stretched and oriented vertically. I am working on a fix for this.

This expansion also brings us player ‘encounter’ cards in the form of the event card Ranger Summons, and its counterpart: Ranger of the North. When including copies of Ranger Summons in your deck, just make sure to include an equal number of Ranger of North cards as well. When you load the deck, all copies of Ranger of the North will be automatically set aside on the table!

Apr 01

The Nightmare has arrived

The Nightmare decks for Heirs of Numenor and all six Against the Shadow quests are now available!  Now you can play once more through the entire cycle, but this time the challenges are greater, the enemies are deadlier, and the treacheries run deeper than ever before…

This update also brings with it the latest quest from Ian Martin of Tales from the Cards. Following up on his epic First Age custom deluxe expansion, this new quest, Trial Upon the Marches, is the first AP in his Doom Mastered Cycle. Make sure to re-download and install the Custom.o8c Image Pack to get all the card images for this quest.

Speaking of Image Packs, the Nin-in-Eilph, the Road Darkens, and the Hobbit: On the Doorstep – Nightmare are now available. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Mar 21

Storyline Rewards and The Red Sign

Hi guys, one more time my apologies for long time without any news or comments, still busy.

I include new promo cards from Storyline Rewards 2015, also added The Red Sign 2015 cards.

Note, Red Sign storyline will influence future expansions, it is interesting to post the results of tables and the match information to help in the creation of new cards.

To send the results just use this template:

Please contact me if found some bug.

Mar 19

MTG 3.2.19 Game Update — Dragons of Tarkir

The 3.2.19 MTG game update brings Dragons of Tarkir and Duel Decks: Elspeth vs Kiora to the table.

Low-Res image pack for Dragons of Tarkir, as well as Hi-Res for Fate Reforged, have been added to the image pack uploads page.