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Welcome to the OCTGN Game Directory.  For instructions to install OCTGN and the various games featured here, click the tabs above.  To find more information on a specific game, click the game’s link on the right-hand sidebar.  Below is a news feed, showing newest updates and posts from the game pages.

May 23 – Yet another set of fixes!

  • Initiative Marker now flips like it is supposed to
  • Should resolve rare instance on the game stalling out after you load a deck and never get prompted to select a player color
  • Face-down damage barriers no longer trigger a counterstrike
  • Restrained/Incapacitated flying creatures can be attacked by non-flying melee
  • Non-melee attacks no longer remove guard tokens
  • Lair: Life stat is now correct
  • Circle of Light and Circle of Lightning now prompt to reveal at the proper time
  • Codex – Added a bit more about the Dazed condition and multiple attacks

There are still a couple of nagging issues that have yet to be resolved…….

May 21

More Custom Cards

Hot on the heels of the previous update, I’ve got some more custom content to bring your way. First off, BGG user “Truelolzor” shares with us a set of player cards entitled Dark Corners of Middle-earth (click the link to see his BGG thread with previews!). As he explains, “This expansion focuses mainly on bringing to life a combination of Esgaroth and Craftsman traits, but still there is plenty of other stuff to go around. This expansion is combination of many of my different works throughout all this time.”

Secondly, user Vardaen returns to us with the 3rd Quest in his “Rise of Orthanc” campaign, entitled “Queer Folk About” (Click the link to see the Quest Sheet Rules Insert). You can also check out his BGG Thread for more information and preview images.

Make sure to re-download and re-install the Custom.o8c Image Pack in order to see these beautiful custom cards!

And finally, speaking of Image Packs, Celebrimbor’s Secret is now available for you to download as well!

May 20

Treason of Saruman & more!

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, The Treason of Saruman set was added to OCTGN a few weeks ago. This release brings with it 12 Scenario decks: 3 Normal Quests, 3 Campaign versions of the Quests, 3 Easy Mode Quests, and 3 Easy Mode Campaign Quests. The update I pushed out today also added Fellowship Aragorn to these decks, so you no longer need to include him in your Player Deck when playing these quests.

This release also brings with it a new feature:
a Sideboard for your deck!
In the Deck Editor, you’ll now see a “Sideboard” section underneath “Side Quests”. Feel free to put any cards here you like. When you load this deck in game, these cards will be placed into a new Sideboard pile on your Player Tab. It starts minimized, and its icon has an “S” on it. Clicking on this pile will maximize it, and you can look through this deck and pull cards in and out of it at your leisure.
Some ideas on how to use this new feature: Keep situational or more quest-specific cards in your Sideboard, so you can easily add them into your deck in-game. Or perhaps you might like to store your Campaign Cards in this pile for the Saga Expansions.

And finally, a quick update about the filters in the Deck Editor. Some of you have requested a way to filter out all Custom cards and only browse the official ones. Some of the suggestions included consolidating all Custom cards into one big ‘Custom Set’ (which I didn’t really want to do), or making the Set filter have a text box instead of a drop-down (which I cannot do due to an OCTGN limitation). So, I added the phrase “Custom Set – ” to the “Encounter Set” field on every custom card.

To filter out all Custom Cards:
-Add an Encounter Set filter
-Click the drop-down and select “Does Not Contain”
-Enter “Custom Set” into the text box.

Voila! You are now looking at only officially released cards!

May 20 – Last set of fixes

This should be the last update for a bit, we are starting work on the Domination release and hope to have it out to you soon after release. What is fixed this time around?

  • Binding should work properly now
  • You can flip Vine Markers again
  • Placing markers on game markers like the Dice Roll Area or Vine Markers is prevented (again)
  • Updated Card Data to the 4th Edition (Arena) card text
  • Resetting the Game should work much better now and not throw any errors

Something that I didn’t mention in previous releases: The  Dice Roll Area and Phase/Initiative Markers are effectively buttons when double click on the DRA it will roll the dice for you, and when you double click on the Phase/Initiative markers it will signal that your mage is done for the Phase which is the same as Ctrl+Enter or Ctrl+Down.


May 18

Frontier Justice is now in force on OCTGN

05-fjThe new expansion has arrived just in time to get this town in order. Enjoy the new Grifters!

Unfortunately it seems OCTGN is having an issue creating proxies at the moment, so until it’s fixed, I’ve prepared a censored image pack for the new set. Grab it here

Trickier Scripts

  • J.W. Byrne: Add Markers manually
  • Legal Instruments: Track manually
  • Flight of the Lepus: Might complain when used in lowball. Just press Yes to proceed.

Oh yeah, New Town, New Rules and Double Dealin’ have also been uncensored.

May 18

Little Update to Conquest Plugin

Hey Boyz, i just fixed the annoying API message we had on the lobby these days !
If anything wrong comes up, comment below ;)
Also, it’s been 6 month the first warpack is out, so its image pack is now uncensored !

Cya Boyz

May 15 – The game returns to full functionality!

After all of the fun with new OCTGN release, I am happy to say that Attachments and Bindings are working again. A subtle change to one of the functions provided by OCTGN proved to be the issue, and it took me a while to figure it out.

As always if you find any issues, let us know here or on the forums!

May 13

Failing Scripts and Warnings

Today OCTGN pushed out an update which unfortunately ended up killing all scripts in most available game definitions, including Android:Netrunner. Unfortunately this went live without me being notified so by the time I found out, I had just arrived at work and couldn’t push out a fix until 10 hours later.

Nevertheless, I have now pushed out an emergency fix which should have taken care of this. However a result of this is that when hosting a game, you will see the following message in the lobby


I am aware of it. You do not need to inform me. I’ll be pushing out an update to make it disappear ASAP.

If you see a different message, or if your scripts still don’t work: RESTART OCTGN

Thanks for understanding


May 13 has been released

As I am sure everyone is aware of by now, there was a new release of OCTGN pushed out last night. I have been working with the dev team there for the last week or so and testing the fixes and several of my requested feature updates. Last night a final test build was rolled and pushed out and changed a requirement in the ScriptVersion of OCTGN itself, which I was unaware of and hadn’t tested. Any how things broke, I have most of them fixed with this release, there are a couple of items open that I am working on to get fixed before I roll the next release of the Mage Wars module. I will keep you updated here as always. Some of the things that are listed as fixed below will not work until the next release as Binding and Attaching are broken for now.

Now for the good news, with this release of OCTGN cards can have backs that are “different” in size/shape from the front of the cards. This means that Wall card (fronts) have been rotated 90 degrees and appear horizontal when you hover over them. Have no fear when they are face down the card back is the same as it is for all the other cards. Additionally we have a bit of new Chrome thanks to Schwenkgott, we have brand new shiny Phase Markers thanks to him.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Stanglevine is now fully automated, it applies damage to the creature it is attached to, when Upkeep is paid.
  • Vine Tree and Seedling Pods now work properly
  • Decoy can now be attached to Objects
  • Hidden Enchantments are no longer discussed in the games Chat Log
  • When you are prompted to Apply Damage you can now enter in a custom amount
  • The Wizard’s Tower can now cast spells
  • The Johktari BM’s Ranged +1 Trait no longer applies to Attack Spells.
  • Defensive Equipment now only  benefits the wearer
  • Card Data cleanup including, Circle of Light, Circle of Lightning, Promos: Bear Strength, Rhino Hide, and Lion Savagery

The updated image packs can be found at the same location as always.