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Android:Netrunner LogoAndroid: Netrunner is an asymmetrical cyberpunk Card Game for two players made by Fantasy Flight Games.

Set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests. While corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, they have to guard their intellectual properties from the elite and subversive hackers known as netrunners.

This is a game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Its card effects are almost completely automated to allow for smoother play and prevent mistakes

This site is the repository of all things related to this game definitiojn. Please check the header above for such things such as installation instructions, tutorials, and contributions information.

You can see the latest news and updates below.

Aug 14

Oh my!

10 9-5 9-6

Guess what is getting rezzed…

That’s right, everything is getting rezzed!

Old Holywood, Universe of Tomorrow AND Data and Destiny have all been coded and released into the OCTGN wilds!

Due to the amount of cards scripted, I thought it’s be easier to create a spreadsheet to keep track of what is not fully automated. I plan to expand this and go back and fill in previous expansions, but that will have to wait a bit more.

One thing missing is that the card proxies for the mini-factions are based on neutral cards (and the IDs are based on the existing factions), since I don’t have any templates for them. If anyone can step in to create them, I’d appreciate it.

For now, enjoy this epic code dump! Go forth and consume, liberate, or link up!

Jul 03

The Underway is rezzed

pic2453763The latest and greatest Android:Netrunner expansion is once more available for play on OCTGN! It had quite a bit of weird interactions, so it took me a while to write the necessary custom cost.

Check below for trickier scripts

  • Armand “Geist” Walker: Manual use similar to Exile
  • Drive By: Expose manual as always (wait for Corp). After an expose, either the corp can trash, or you can trash by double-clicking Drive By
  • Test Ground will derez all targeted cards. Make sure you target as many as you have tokens the relevant ones
  • Allele Repression: You can target the cards in HQ before you use it to speed up the process.
  • Marcus Batty: Manually use the subroutine is Psi succeeds


PS:Yeah, I couldn’t think of a interesing way to inset “octgn” in the title this time :)


May 27

Chrome OCTGN

Guess what, Chrome City is now rezzed! As always almost everything is automated but look below to check what might need some special attention.Chrome City

Trickier Automations

  • Immolation Script: Manual use. Target the ICE and Double Click Immolation Script to trash it.
  • Turntable: Manual use. Target both agendas and Double Click
  • Chrome Parlor: Manual use. Double Click before playing genetics
  • Analog Dreamers: Target the unrezzed card before pressing F3
  • Oaktown Grid: Manually use it just before the runner is about to access cards in this server.
  • Clairvoyant Monitor: Target the ICE before using the Monitor
May 15

OCTGN API moved to

This should stop that annoying message in the lobby. Lemme know if you encounter any issues.

May 13

Failing Scripts and Warnings

Today OCTGN pushed out an update which unfortunately ended up killing all scripts in most available game definitions, including Android:Netrunner. Unfortunately this went live without me being notified so by the time I found out, I had just arrived at work and couldn’t push out a fix until 10 hours later.

Nevertheless, I have now pushed out an emergency fix which should have taken care of this. However a result of this is that when hosting a game, you will see the following message in the lobby


I am aware of it. You do not need to inform me. I’ll be pushing out an update to make it disappear ASAP.

If you see a different message, or if your scripts still don’t work: RESTART OCTGN

Thanks for understanding


Apr 24

OCTGN party at the Breaker Bay

After a longer delay than usual, Breaker Bay is now available for online play via OCTGN. All cards have been scripted but as always, please take note of the following

  •     Hacktivist Meeting: Trash will happen after card is rezzed, so if the corp doesn’t have a card they can still play non-ice. Don’t do it.
  •     Off Campus Apartment. Use it like Personal Workshop, not like a Daemon. Target connection from hand then DC it. In case you’ve already played the connection, you can target it and DB the OCA to host it manually after the fact.
  •     Haley Kaplan: Manual use
  •     Comet: Manual Use
  •     Turing: Lose clicks manually.
  •     Should prevent the runner using automated effects to fetch specific cards from their Heap, but won’t prevent AR Lab Access.
  •     Breaker bay Grid: Manual use (Target card to rez and DC)

And as always, enjoy!

Apr 06

In the OCTGN Valley

The first data pack of the new cycle is now available. The Valley is rezzed!

As always almost everything is automated, including the new Jinteki hidden ID. Simply double click it before your first turn to select it and double click it again to flip and use it.

  • Clot: Not scripted but will remind the corp
  • Paige Piper: Manual use after you install a card
  • Adjusted Chronotype: Manual use
  • Enhanced Vision: Will show only the title of the card
  • Jinteki Bioteck: You will have to choose your department at the start of your first turn (You can also double click to do it before F1)
  • Negotiator: Break with Credits manually.

Also an extra change: The Autoscripter has been switched to manual use to avoid automatically working when installing from heap or stack.


Feb 19

400k anonymized OCTGN stats now available

It’s been a long time since I extracted some stats, so now that the second stimhack league is over, I have finally done another one. This time the number of games is more than 400.000 which is bringing my spreadsheet editor to its knees while preparing it for anonymizing.

You can find the latest export raw data here

I’ve also gone ahead and separated the Second Stimhack league (SHL2) stats as well. This is about 4000 very competitive games for the period of November 2014 – January 2015

Feb 01

OCTGN and Chaos

Order and Chaos has been finally rezzed! Apologies for taking longer than usual, but…life happened.

I pushed this without testing extensively in multiplayer scenarios, so a bug or two might have slipped through. Please lemme know if you find any.

I also should have fixed the annoying bug where you lost control of your remote server cards after the runner accessed them.

  • Titan Transnational: Will always put an agenda counter. I don’t see why not and it will speed up play.
  • Constellation Protocol: Manual use
  • Mark Yale, credit for spending Agenda Counter is manual use. When using his ability to spend agenda counters, he gives you automatically 3 credits (2 for ability + 1 for trait)
  • Space Camp: After it’s triggered, double click on any of your cards to add an advancement counter.
  • Wormhole: Manually use the ICE you want after using Wormhole
  • Housekeeping: Just announces to remind the runner. Runner should trash on their own.
  • Satellite Grid: not automated. You’ll have to take care of the relevant effects manually.
  • The Twins, doesn’t check ICE sameness
  • Sub Boost: Double click on the sub boost to end the run
  • Dedicated Technician Team: Manual use. Double click to remove a credit
  • Edward Kim: Manual use but is mandatory, so make sure you do it.
  • Itinerant Protesters: Manual Tracking (for now)
  • Knifed/Spooned/Forked: You can use them to trash ICE if the corp is too slow. Target ICE and Double-Click
  • Eater: Will put marker to remind you, but will not prevent access. Just select 0 cards.
  • Hivemind: Cannot make it host the viruses everywehre, so if you want to spend them for something (e.g. Datasucker), just drag the marker there, or target that ICE and DC Hivemind to transfer the Virus counter.
  • Progenitor has 3 MU of RAM, but don’t host more than 1 proggie.
  • Archives Interface: Manual Use. Do it before accessing
  • Qianju PT: Manual use for starting the effect
  • The dummy Sac. Clone card won’t trash itself when used. Will fix later.
Dec 21

Sourcing OCTGN

The Source is now rezzed in OCTGN. As always everything is automated with a few kinks (see below). Also in order to make Utopia Shard, I had to rework my Accessing Agendas code a bit to take into account the extra cost. So I decided to make a proper job and took into account cards like Fetal AI and NAPD Contracts. Those will now be taken into account during Agenda steal-cost calculations (but not stuff like Red Herrings though) and you will see this cost on the button you use to steal the agenda. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough money, the game will allow you to abort the steal.

More so, if you access an agenda in R&D but don’t steal it, the game will also inform the corp about it. So make sure you steal any agendas which don’t have a relevant cost.

Tricker cards in The Source:


  • Markus: First subroutine just announces.
  • Turtlebacks: Manual Use
  • Shoot the Moon: Will rez all targeted ICE. Don’t exceed the tags!
  • Self-Destruct will require that you target all cards in the server to get the appropriate trace value.
  • Sage doesn’t put +1 tokens. Track strength manually.
  • Ioxidae: Manual Use
  • Due to the special circumstances on what constitutes a “Jack Out” in ANR its use is manual on an ETR or if the runner just presses ESC after seeing an ETR they cannot break to speed things up)

As always, enjoy!