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Android:Netrunner LogoAndroid: Netrunner is an asymmetrical cyberpunk Card Game for two players made by Fantasy Flight Games.

Set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests. While corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, they have to guard their intellectual properties from the elite and subversive hackers known as netrunners.

This is a game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Its card effects are almost completely automated to allow for smoother play and prevent mistakes

This site is the repository of all things related to this game definitiojn. Please check the header above for such things such as installation instructions, tutorials, and contributions information.

You can see the latest news and updates below.

Dec 21

Sourcing OCTGN

The Source is now rezzed in OCTGN. As always everything is automated with a few kinks (see below). Also in order to make Utopia Shard, I had to rework my Accessing Agendas code a bit to take into account the extra cost. So I decided to make a proper job and took into account cards like Fetal AI and NAPD Contracts. Those will now be taken into account during Agenda steal-cost calculations (but not stuff like Red Herrings though) and you will see this cost on the button you use to steal the agenda. Furthermore, if you don’t have enough money, the game will allow you to abort the steal.

More so, if you access an agenda in R&D but don’t steal it, the game will also inform the corp about it. So make sure you steal any agendas which don’t have a relevant cost.

Tricker cards in The Source:


  • Markus: First subroutine just announces.
  • Turtlebacks: Manual Use
  • Shoot the Moon: Will rez all targeted ICE. Don’t exceed the tags!
  • Self-Destruct will require that you target all cards in the server to get the appropriate trace value.
  • Sage doesn’t put +1 tokens. Track strength manually.
  • Ioxidae: Manual Use
  • Due to the special circumstances on what constitutes a “Jack Out” in ANR its use is manual on an ETR or if the runner just presses ESC after seeing an ETR they cannot break to speed things up)

As always, enjoy!


Nov 07

OCTGN that remains

EkomindAll That Remains has been rezzed in OCTGN. I wasn’t planning to finishing it this week (due to lack of time) but I realized I broke all MU calculations when I tried to save some of my code online so I needed to urgently push it out as a fix.

I hope y’all appreciate how much I love ya ;)

Anyway, all should be working fine now, with MU tracking getting a significant boost in consistency. Runner MU will automatically refresh every time a card changes groups (e.g. grip to table, heap to grip etc) which will allow cards like Ekomind to work properly.

This should have the fortunate side-effect that all MUs should be far more accurate and the game will remind the player to trash programs even when they’re not installing one currently (e.g. Bad Times)

I will prolly use infrastructure to track link in the future as well.

Here’s the tricker stuff for this expansion:

  • Hostile Infrastructure: Manual Use
  • Executive Boot Camp: TurnStart Rez is manual use
  • Lycan: Not scripted. Track manually.
  • Snatch and Grab: Trace effects not automated, only announces.
  • Lela Patel: Manual Use
  • Zona Sul Shipping: doesn’t trash automatically on tag


Oct 08

Blue Sun Rising!

The Blue Sun division

Another month, another ANR expansion is rezzed and available on OCTGN. Inject gave me a bit of trouble but nothing I can’t handle ;)

Here’s what you should know…

  • Labyrinthine Server: Just Announces
  • Blue Sun: Will not consider cards which increase rez costs
  • Changeling: Not scripted. Track manually
  • Hades Fragment: Manual Use
  • Astrolabe: Manual Use

Also did a number of bug-fixes that were reported lately

  • SoT on LARLA should now trash before LARLA resolves
  • Woman in the red dress will now announce when the corp has finished looking at the card and left it in R&D.
  • Data Dealer should now exile Shi.Kyu, but can also target Corp cards due to this. Don’t!
  • Social Engineering will now only get money from the target ICE
  • Mutated ICE can now use Subroutines
  • LARLA shouldn’t clear runner currents anymore
  • Port Anson Grid and Kitsune should now work (nobody played them until now?)

So yeah, enjoy your Blue Sun shenanigans!


Sep 13

First Contact incoming

The latest set for ANR is now rezzed and available on OCTGN. Restart your clients to receive the latest updates.

All cards have been automated, but keep in mind the following:

  • IQ: Rez Cost is tracked but not STR. Track that manually.
  • Port Anson Grid: Not automated. Don’t jack out.
  • The News Now Hour: Not automated. Don’t play currents.
  • Manhunt: Manual Use
  • Wendigo: Not Automated. Track manually.
  • Order of Sol: Manual Use.
  • Hades Shard: Shards can be installed manually when you’re about to access. Simply drag them to the table and they’ll skip their cost, and set the run to succeed, bypassing all costs. Warning this will bypass all corp acknowledgement, so make sure you use it after the corp has given the OK to access.
  • Rachel Beckman: Won’t trash automatically when tagged.


Aug 23

Uncensored almost all Spin Cycle

Mala Tempora, True Colors, and Fear and Loathing are now uncensored and available to download from the data packs page. Upstalk and The Spaces Between have not been procured yet in censored form, so until then you can use the generated proxies.

Aug 16

The eight corners between

The Spaces Between has now been rezzed on OCTGN and all card automations are scripted as always. There’s no censored image pack yet but that should be available shortly.

Some details on the tricker automations

  • Targeted Marketing: Manual Use
  • Cerebral Static: Won’t reduce Chaos Theory’s MU.
  • Unscheduled Maintenance: Not Automated
  • Information Overload: Only trace is automated, since the runner chooses what to trash for the subroutines.
  • Scrubbed: Not Automated
  • Energy Regulator: Just Announces
  • Lag Time: Not Automated
  • Encrypted Portals: Doesn’t add markers or anything.


Jun 09

We’re going Upstalk!

The first expansion from the Lunar Circle is now rezzed on OCTGN! This time I’ve used the available text spoilers to get some speed. As always automations are available, but no censored image pack yet. That should come soon enough. Until then you can play with the pre-generated proxies.

Some details about the trickier automations

  • Near-Earth Hub: Manual use. Double click when you setup a new server.
  • Midway Station Grid: Manual use. Double click for each subroutine the runner breaks.
  • Galahad. First action just reveals the grail ICE from HQ. The ICE will remain in play until jack out, at which point it will trash itself. You can double click those ICE to use their routines.
  • Galahad will also give an error if you use a spawned galahad to end the run. Don’t worry about it, it does no harm. I just can’t be bollocksed to write the code around it.
  • Bad Times: Manual use. Just calculate the new temp MU and trash accordingly.
  • Priority Events: Don’t rules enforce being played as the first click.
  • Leprechaun: Doesn’t enforce the number of programs. Just don’t host more than 2.
  • Nasir Meidan: Manual Use. Target the ICE you’ve just encountered and double click him.
  • Eden Shard: Shards can be installed manually when you’re about to access. Simply drag them to the table and they’ll skip their cost, and set the run to succeed, bypassing all costs. Warning this will bypass all corp acknowledgement, so make sure you use it after the corp has given the OK to access.
May 02

Profiting from your Honor

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Kinda like myself at the moment.

Finally, after almost a week or working on the deluxe set, I have the version ready for play in OCTGN. I started working on it on Monday, but much like C&C, I quickly realized that the Jinteki shenanigans would require more extensive work to integrate into my grid. Unfortunately H&P got released exactly as I was starting my recent apartment move, which played merry hell with my workstation setup and internet access.

Fortunately with a bit of Prepaid Pads here and a little Codebusting there, I’m now proud to release the latest deluxe set of ANR for online play. As usual, here’s the tricky stuff:

  • Tennin Institute: Manual use. Just target the card and double click it.
  • Shi.Kyu: This thing is particularly nasty in archives, with no good way to deal with it.At the moment the corp will have to choose their payment while the runner is still accessing archives. If there’s Agendas with Jinteki:PE and shocks involved, those will have to finish before the runner has a chance to respond to Shi.Kyu. Sorry but I can’t do this any better. In case of confusion, use voice chat, or do things manually.
  • The Future Perfect: This will won’t provide the normal scoring window. Rather it will score itself if the runner wins the PSI struggle.
  • Tenma Line: Manual. Drag the ICE accordingly.
  • Inazuma: Doesn’t rules enforce.
  • Neotokyo: Manual use.
  • Tori Hanzo doesn’t know where he is located, so he’ll trigger on every net damage. Just don’t use him if you’re not supposed to.
  • Silhoutte: Manual use. Just target and double click her.
  • Express Delivery: It won’t show you duplicate cards. So you may see 3 or less option to select if there were multiples on the top.
  • Logos: Manual use.
  • Bug: Double click it after the corp draws a card to get the card name in the chat. If the corp draws another card, you lost your chance.
  • Security Testing: Remotes are a bit tricky. If you select a remote,move your token to the selected remote afterwards. When successfully run it, target the server and double click on one of your security tests to take the money.
  • Mass Install: Will install all programs you’ve targeted. Just don’t do more than 3.
A complete PITA to code.

A complete PITA to code.

The trickiest stuff was making sure the PSI worked within multi-access runs. I had to work around OCTGN limitation here but I think I managed a pretty good solution. The Future Perfect specifically works by completely bypassing your dialogue to score it and going straight to the PSI check. If you succeed the PSI check, it will automatically score itself for you. If not, and you were doing a multi-access, the game will continue where you left off.

There’s a few other scripts I’m fairly proud of, such Shi.Kyu (another ridiculously hard thing to code due to multi-access), Tori Hanzo and Security Testing, which will work almost always unsupervised.

Oh yeah, and I took the opportunity to add some sound effect to an initiating Psi struggle. See how you like it, and while you’re at it, make sure you play Pushing Your Luck a few times ;)

Image Packs are not available yet but I’m hoping to have something for you soon.