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The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative game for 1-4 players made by Fantasy Flight Games.

The dark shadow creeps across the land, engulfing Middle-earth in harrowing despair. Not a single hero stands a chance against the terrible might of Sauron. Now the time has come for union. Only together can the heroes of Middle-earth hope to prevail in the coming war against the gathering darkness.

This site is the home to the LOTR game definition for the Online Card and Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN). Here you can find updates, release schedules, card packs, installation instructions, and guides to playing the game.

Aug 22

There’s Trouble brewing in Tharbad

Originally released at GenCon this year, the Trouble in Tharbad AP is now available at FFG’s Webstore or your FLGS. It’s also now supported on OCTGN. Card text will be revealed in November, with the Image Pack coming in February.

I’ve also added a couple of RSS feeds to the sidebar. Now you’ll be able to see the latest news postings from FFG, as well as keep tabs on the latest episodes of the Cardboard of the Rings and Grey Company podcasts.

Jul 31

The Three Trials

The latest release now supports The Three Trials AP. The card text will be revealed in November, and the card Images will be released next February.

Here are a couple of pointers to help aid in the setup of this quest: Most of the quest cards have you randomly pick a card from a selection of set-aside cards. This can be easily achieved by right-clicking the table, and going to Random > Number, then entering a value (such as 3). The chat window will show your result, and you can grab the chosen card.

One of the quest cards – Trial of Intuition – instructs you to shuffle a Key Objective into the bottom 10 cards of the Encounter Deck. This can be done by using a new function in the game. After shuffling the discard pile back into the Encounter deck (as instructed by the quest card), right-click the Encounter deck and choose “Move to Secondary…”. Enter 10, and 10 cards will be moved to the Secondary Encounter deck. Now you can shuffle the Key Objective into this deck. Then right-click this deck and choose “Move All to Encounter Deck Bottom” to put those cards on the bottom of the Encounter deck.

This latest update also brings with it a couple of fixes for the Custom sets “First Age”, and “Through the Folds”. The card data and quest decks will automatically be updated next time you boot up OCTGN, but make sure to re-download and re-install the Custom Set Image Pack for all the latest card images!

Jul 16

Whispers of the Old Forest

Susurros del Bosque ViejoAs some of you may be aware, there is a brand new Spanish blog for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, called Susurros del Bosque Viejo (Whispers of the Old Forest). If you happen to speak Spanish, then I highly recommend checking it out. Not only do they put out great articles and decklist discussions, but contributing author FlechaNegra (known as mndela on OCTGN) has completed a brand new custom quest entitled Through the Folds.

Furthermore, this quest has been added to the latest LOTR update for OCTGN, so you can play it for yourself right now! To get the English card images, head on over to the Image Pack Dropbox folder and re-download the Custom.o8c file. The new card images have been added to that image pack, so all you need to do is re-install it and you’ll be ready to play.

Jul 01

The Dunland Trap

The Dunland Trap has now been released! This update includes the censored cards and the quest MEC26-box-right
decks needed to play. As always, you can keep your eye on the Release Schedule to see when Image Packs will become available.

Coming up next will be the Nightmare Khazad-dum scenarios, which Fantasy Flight has recently made available on Print-on-Demand.

Jun 13

The First Age

This month brings 3 new custom quests by Ian Martin.First-Age-Box

  • Isle of Werewolves
  • The seat of Morgoth
  • Hunting of the Wolf

Not only has Ian produced a new set with 15 Heroes, 86 further player cards and 88 encounter cards, he has produced the OCTGN set and image pack which is being released simultaneously on his site Tales from the Cards and here on OCTGN.

The card text for Voice of Isengard is also included in release along with a minor change to the Keywords document which was missing an entry for Sentinel.

May 03

New image packs

May completes the release schedule for the image packs for the Against the Shadow cycle.

These images packs have been consolidated into a single download which now includes The Blood of Gondor and The Morgul Vale as well as the previously released Stewards Fear, Druadan Forest, Encounter at Amon Din and Assault on Osgiliath. The image packs are available in both English and Spanish.

It is also 6 months since the release of The Stone of Erech, one of my favourite quests, so the image pack for that is also available.

Thanks to both geckoth and mndela for putting the image packs together.

Apr 03

Another nightmare

The latest release rolls out the card text for the first 3 Shadows of Mirkwood Nightmare mode scenarios. As if that wasn’t enough, you also get card stubs for the new Hobbit – Over Hill and Under Hill nightmare scenarios.

Finally, mndela has kindly updated some of the Spanish o8c files. There are updates to the custom scenarios and better card scans for the Shadows of Mirkwood.

Mar 18

Voice of Isengard

The latest release has the censored cards for the new saga expansion, Voice of Isengard.Voice of Isengard

To aid with setup for the second quest, To Catch an Orc, you can move cards from your deck to the secondary deck using the new “Move Many” option on the deck menu.

The Secondary deck also has a new “Search X” option that moves the supplied number of cards from the secondary deck to the discard pile and then birngs up the look at window to allow you to see what you discarded.

Full card text will be released in June and the card images in September.