Sep 02

v1.10.0.0 Game Update – Mage Wars

This month goodies include the Gencon promos, a Spellbook importer, OP Kit 6 Promo’s, we have re-worked a section of code for casting spells and now calculate Magebind costs! See the changelog for full details. As always please let us know if you have any issues, find card data that is incorrect, or want to suggest future improvements or features.


Your friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team!

Jun 10

Its been One Year!

The great and mighty cosworth put out the original release on the Mage Wars module for OCTGN yesterday! As a player I want to thank him for all of his hard work. As the maintainer (along with the always hard working letteucemode) I want to thank him for the inspiration, I have learned much along the way since taking over the reins.

All of those who play the game I want to give a big shout out to. If you didn’t play what would be the purpose!

Jun 01 Mage Wars for OCTGN module has been released!

This months release brings a big change and some welcome additions. With last months automation of the Mage Abilities Markers the need for many of them to have  Keyboard shortcuts is no longer needed. Combine this with many new markers that have not been added over time and other markers whose use is minimum and I thought that it was time to re-work the keyboard mappings. You will find a brand Key Map help file under Game Documents.

With the help of Schwenkgott we have added both the standard Apprentice Mode spellbooks and Arena, we have also provided an OCTGN exclusive! We are calling it OCTGN Apprentice mode, please review the OCTGN Apprentice mode help file under game documents.

As always you can look that the Changelog under the Game Documents menu for full details.

Make sure to update your Image Pack to get the new Apprentice Mages.

May 20

v1.6.5.0 has been released

We typically push releases out once a month, but I think that this month deserves a special mid-month release. We have the Garrison Post errata card in this release, along with some automation for the siege engines with Load Tokens which are now Orange. Additionally the OCTGN dev team resolved an issue with a game events we were having. Now when you reset the game all of the game selections (like player colors and such) are reset.  In the Game Documents menu you will now find the Conditions Markers Reference Sheet.

As with the last release the full list of changes are in the Changelog in the Game Documents menu.

If you want the new Garrison Post card art, you will need to download and install the updated MW-NewCards.o8c file located here. At this point the full o8c file has not been updated.

If you find any issues please let us know!

Your neighborhood friendly Mage Wars on OCTGN dev team!

May 02

Mage Wars v1.6.0 released

Yet again lettucemode has done some amazing work this month!  What’s new? Improved? Fixed?

Note: We are waiting on a fix on the OCTGN side to resolve issues surrounding resetting the game, loading multiple decks, etc. We are now hoping to see this work completed in May in time for our June release.

This release post will be smaller than the last several, we have created a change log to keep track of all of these changes. You will find it in the Game Documents section when you play Mage Wars.


A changelog, new promo’s from the Dice Tower, Chat Emotes, a HTML version of the Codex, finished automating setup/startup, Rot damage is now applied during Upkeep, along with a clean up and updates to this web site.

Apr 04

Mage Wars v1.5.0 is ready for play

Once again lettucemode has done some amazing work this month! We both have working hard to get this release out the door, hopefully with no issues this time! What’s new? Improved? Fixed?

Note: We are waiting on a fix on the OCTGN side to resolve issues surrounding resetting the game, loading multiple decks, etc. We are hoping to see this work completed in April in time for our May release.

Spellbook Builder:

  • Export your spellbook into the Mage Wars Spellbook Builder Format (sbb)
  • Spell Level card count are now enforced i.e. 6 cards max for Level 1 and 4 cards max on Level 2 and up
  • You can get the latest version of the Spellbook Builder and along with the instructions on installing it here

The Game:

  • The Board has been resized and you can now get more cards into a zone. The down side is the cards are smaller on the board, but you can read them fully when you hover over the card. Let us know what you think about it…
  • More Multiplayer work: Player Color now determines where your cards are placed face down on the table when you are play them from your Spellbook. Red – Top Left, Blue – Bottom Right, Green – Lower Left, and Yellow – Upper Right
  • More work on improving how cards are handled. When you flip a card over to cast a spell you are now prompted to pay the spell cost automatically. Enchantments still prompt for reveal.
  • Casting Discounts from Rings and other Equipment should work now, note that spells with a cost of X is set to 0. You will have to manually adjust cost of the Casting Discount.
  • A pile has been created for cards that have been Obliterated, you can right click on the card and select Obliterate or use the “End” key as a shortcut
  • Ready Markers are automatically added cards that utilize them
  • Ready Marker II has been created and is placed automatically on cards that need it like Sir Corazin with his 2X Defense, its shortcut is Atl+Ctrl+R
  • In the Chat log the Round Number is noted during the Ready Stage
  • When the attack dice are rolled, it is noted in the chat log what source was utilized – or the randomizer from Python
  • Spell Level card count are now enforced i.e. 6 cards max for Level 1 and 4 cards max on Level 2 and up
  • You will find mist, load, and egg tokens in the Misc. Tokens screen now
  • Updated the Help file for the Spellbook builder Dll you also will find a link for it in game
  • Continued to clean up card data

Image Pack:

  • Four new Promo’s from OPKit 4: Updated o8c file is here, the MW-NewCards.08c file has the new cards only.

What’s next?

  • Change Player Color for Card Placement to a Player Number (hopefully)
  • More New Promo Cards (hopefully)
  • More spell casting improvements
  • Clean up on SBB output
  • Finish up automating Game Start (automatically roll dice for initiative)
  • Fix Game Resets (to fix the fix for Spectating)

Ideas and requests are always welcome…….if you have an issue or bug please report it to us and we will try to get it fixed

Thanks! The Mage Wars on OCTGN team

Mar 13

Spellbook Validator plugin found to calculate the value of the spell book to be wildly inaccurately

I have had several people report this issue. Each time it has been resolved by updating the dll to the latest version.

Please check the version of the file located in:

<Install Directory>\Octgn\Plugins\MWPlugin

if it is not version please update it with the one located in

<Install Directory>\OCTGN\GameDatabase\9acef3d0-efa8-4d3f-a10c-54812baecdda\Plugins\Octgn.MagewarsPlugin

If you are still having issues afterwards, please let us know.