Image Pack Downloads


To install the MTG Game Definition, add the OCTGN Game Directory to your list of Game Feeds.  Paste this URL into the ‘Add Feed’ window inside Games Manager:


These are the image packages you need in order to view the actual card images in-game.

All sets prior to Return to Ravnica Block – This is a magnet link to a Torrent, which should automatically load your default Torrent client when you click it.  Currently, torrenting is the only method to obtain these older images due to its large size (~4 GB).  THE IMAGES ARE ORGANIZED BY BLOCKS!

Additional image packs not in the torrent (direct downloads):

Tokens v2 (updated September 6, 2013)

Fate Reforged (Low-Res) January 13 2015)
Khans of Tarkir
 v1 (December 22 2014)

Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning v1 (December 22 2014)
Magic 2015 Core Set v1 (December 22 2014)
Conspiracy v1 (December 22 2014)

Commander 2014 (Low-Res)
Vintage Masters (Low-Res)

Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska v1
Journey Into Nyx v1
From the Vaults: Twenty v1
Commander 2013 v1
Born of the Gods v1
Theros v1

Duel Decks: Heroes vs Monsters v2
M14 v1
Modern Masters v1
Duel Decks: Sorin vs Tibalt v1
Dragon’s Maze v1
Gatecrash v1
Return to Ravnica v1

Special thanks goes out to the folks at for their amazing high-resolution card scans!