Game now 2v2 Compatible

I’ve finally found some time to sit down and prepare the code which can handle multiplayer scenarios and after a weekend’s worth of work, I think I finally have something that is stable enough to publish for public testing.

At the moment only 2v2 is really possible since the challenge scenarios will require some specific changes in the code for the game to handle their specific rules changes. If you plan to play 2v2 keep in mind the following:

You should press the setup option only after everyone participating in the game has loaded a deck. If you don’t the game will treat everyone who has not yet loaded a deck as a spectator which will cause many issues. Just be patient and wait until everyone’s deck has been checked for validity. Btw, the same is true for Duels as well. Don’t setup until your opponents have loaded their deck first.

On game setup, the first one to press it will get to choose their position. Player #1 is always on the right and player #2 is always on the left as suggested by the rulebook. The initial setup might look like the 2 players at positions #2 are at the wrong spot, but remember that your play area expands rightwards from your affiliation 😉

Phases are now common for each team, and each team member can progress to the next phase. I suggest that Player #1 is always the one to progress to avoid mistakes. Player #1 will also always be the one to hold the Balance of the Force if it’s on your side.

Most phases are generally working as explained for the MP of the rulebook. However to make things as simple as possible, the refresh phase will automatically refresh your and your ally’s cards and objectives as soon as you enter at which point you have a chance to trigger any reacts on your cards. Normally, player #1 should be doing reacts before player #2 refreshes but I do not foresee any significant issues by this so I didn’t want to add another shortcut to press by player #2 just to split this phase in two. If you think some effect can cause a significant change of plans here, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

The Draw Phase anyway does not refill automatically until your proceed to the deployment phase without refilling. So as soon as you reach the Draw Phase, to do things right, player #1 should refill their hand (Ctrl+Shift+R) and then add any cards to their common reserves (see below), and afterwards player #2 should refill and play in the CR. If one of the players presses Ctrl+Enter to go to the next phase, any of the allies who has not yet refilled their hand, will automatically do so now. This can speed things along if nobody wants to play any cards at this point by reducing the need for finer coordination.

Your Common Reserves is now a new pile which is collapsed by default since it’s not used in duels. If you get in a multiplayer game you’ll have to manually prepare it (hopefully in the future I’ll be able to do this automatically on 2v2 detection) by right clicking on it (it’s the pile with the little handshake icon) and setting visibility to your allies. You can also expand it so that it’s always visible by clicking on it.

You can add a card to the common reserves from your hand by right-clicking on the card and using the appropriate option. To use the cards in common reserves, simply right-click and use one of the shortcuts provided. When used in this way, if any other players have any cards in their common reserves and they’ve given you visibility to them (you’ll get a warning otherwise) you’ll be able to select any of the cards that exist in those piles as well.

Whenever you put a new card in your common reserves, any existing cards in it will be discarded.

When in an engagement, as an ally to one of the main players you can support attack/defend with one of your units. To do that simply double click that unit to set it as a participant. When you do that, that unit will pass control to your ally and you won’t be able to use it until the engagement is finished, at which point its control will pass back to you.

A lot of other under-the-hood changes have been made to allow the game to seamlessly handle both 1v1 and 2v2 at the same time. As such there’s a chance that a bunch of bugs have slipped through, particular on the specific effects of cards as it’s impossible to test every card script by myself. So if you experience any errors or other problems, please don’t simply ignore them, but rather let me know so I can look into them.

Other than this The latest version also includes the following changes:

  • Leia Organa will now properly ask the captor on which objective to go to.
  • Moving cards around manually will carry their attached cards with them. This means objectives moving in the refresh phase will take their attachments will them finally.
  • Made phase changes common for each team.
  • Made cards like Vader’s Fist and Interrogation Droid work properly in multiplayer.
  • In MP the game will now ask which opponent you’re targeting when only one needs to be selected.
  • Playing Edge cards as an ally should now stack with the main player’s other edge cards.
  • Can now target a card and press Del to discard it. This way you can destroy objectives and units from your opponent yourself.

I’m now going to go through existing cards to see which ones also work on allies or all opponents (as opposed to only yourself or just one opponent) and then start working on the automations for the BotF expansion.

PS: Sounds should be working fine now again.

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